Ideal School Meals are now offering birthday cakes to celebrate your child’s birthday at school with their friends.

Choose from chocolate or vanilla cake.

It’s up to each school when they present the cake, whether it’s during lunchtime or in the classroom at the end of the day, the other children love to get involved and sing happy birthday.

The cake is cut up into as many slices as there are children in your birthday child’s class. The class are then given a slice each to share and celebrate with your child.

How to order

Order your cake here using the order form to the left,  two weeks before the date required.

An invoice will be forwarded to your email address for £5.50. Please make payment within 24 hours of receiving the invoice to ensure the order is processed.

Once we have received payment, the team at Ideal School Meals will take care of the rest and your little birthday child will be able to celebrate at school with all of their friends.

(Please note – not all schools that we serve have opted in for this service, please check with your school before ordering.)

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