Strawberry plants… indoors? You betcha!

Growing your own strawberries indoors might even be easier than outdoors!

Growing strawberries indoors lets you take care of the amount of light and temperature that your plant is getting.  All those pesky outdoor critters who want to eat your crop of strawberries won’t get a chance either…which means you might end up with more fruit in your bowl than if you’d been growing them outside.

The most important thing to remember when growing strawberries is LIGHT.

Whether you’re growing them indoors or outdoors, your strawberries will need at least six hours of sunshine a day to grow.

If you have a plant light at home, you can use that on darker days.

Try growing in a strawberry pot on your windowsill, or hang a plant from the ceiling in a container!  Be sure not to overcrowd your plants – else they can easily catch diseases or get mouldy!

What to do when you first plant your strawberries:

1. Fertilise

When you first plant your strawberries, ask an adult to get a potassium-rich fertiliser from the garden center. Fertilise your strawberries once a month until the plant starts flowering.

2. Remove the blossom

You will want to remove the blossoms from the plant for the first six weeks after planting. This allows the plant a bit of time to get strong and healthy before it starts to try and produce fruit.

3. Watering

When you’re growing strawberries indoors, you’ll want to check the plant daily to see if it needs watering. Your plant might need to be watered every day until the growing season. Once the strawberries have started growing, only add water when the top inch of the soil is dry. Strawberries don’t like too much water!