Fresh & exciting
school lunches

Not only are our meals made using ingredients of the highest quality, we pride ourselves on our child friendly recipes, varied and interesting menus, wide range of meal choices, ample portion sizes and our ability to engage children in meal times, by way of fun theme days and incentives.

Why do kids love Ideal School Meals?

Quality & tasty

Lunches kids
want to eat!

Weekly theme days

Friendly & inviting

Non-rotational menus

Fun activities &

Engaging menus

Top table experience

Our menus provide choice, variation and fun!

Variation keeps children interested and ensures their diet is diverse from an early age, so our lunches consist of both modern and traditional dishes. We do not work on a rotation so each and every week of the year see’s a different menu.

Theme Days

Our educational and fun theme days such as Mothers Day, Red Nose Day and Roald Dahl Day are a great way to boost school meal interest and have evidenced an increase of up to 250% in take up.

We always welcome individual requests from schools to tie in with learning and/or special events taking place in their school.


Deliveries are made via our own team of staff to ensure we retain control over the food.

Our ‘Hot Boxes’ are specially imported from Germany and are of the highest quality available. We were one of the first school lunch providers in the UK to introduce such a system and remain the only contractor in the area to operate with these constant heat boxes. Furthermore, we have inverters fitted in our fleet of delivery vehicles in order to keep a constant power to, and therefore constant heat of, the box until the delivery has been made. Without these specific hot boxes the
food would start to lose heat, taste and nutrition immediately after leaving the kitchen.