Ideal School Meals is Lincolnshire’s fastest growing provider of school meals, supplying thousands of healthy school meals each week.

Here you will see how our award winning company succeeds in increasing take up of school lunches, by providing only the best quality, freshly prepared, child friendly meals.

As specialists in the education sector, we devote all of our efforts into ensuring our customers; children, parents and schools, are happy with the service we provide, and have evidenced a whopping 300% increase in take up since the introduction of our services in our flagship schools.

Healthy eating is at the very heart of our approach, and we encourage a balanced diet to help children achieve maximum potential during those important early school years whilst reducing the risk of health issues later on in life. Evidence has shown that children who eat a school meal show greater concentration levels in class and have the energy they need to get them through the long school day. Government have now recognised the importance of a healthy diet for young children, and the introduction of free school meals for all infants from September 2014 is fantastic news for the youth of today.

The quality of our product has always been our highest priority. Our fresh ingredients, including high welfare meats, organic, fair trade and seasonal produce are sourced locally from respected and established farms and suppliers. These ingredients are transformed into delicious hot meals, freshly prepared and cooked each morning by our team of staff.

Lunch time is an important part of a child’s school day, giving children a break with friends and a chance to recharge their batteries. Our aim is to make lunchtime a memorable experience for children, a time to relax, enjoy delicious food and develop valuable social skills and eating habits that will remain with them for life.